The vision of HCCP

Our Vision is to contribute powerfully to the implementation of the Africa and the rest of the world partnership and to sensitize international, national and worldwide public opinion to the importance of prioritizing the implementation of the strategic partnership between the rest of the world and Africa.
to capitalize on the depth of the rest of the world-Africa partnership to strengthen the position of different continents in terms of international influence, for the benefit of the European, American, Asian, and African populations.
To create and establish the 1st Think Tank in the world with plural objectives dedicated to the thinking of the strategic and political relationship between Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa and the West in general under an innovative angle for the next century.

 Strategical Goals

To increase the visibility and impact of the US-Africa partnership strategy. Essential interface of the implementation of the EU-Africa/MENA partnership by maintaining a vast relational network of core organizations across Africa.
To establish a laboratory of ideas that will be the vehicle and disseminator of the renewal of the Europe-Africa relationship and the provider of concrete projects.
To redefine in a continuous way according to the needs of a joint way, the relations of force, the exchanges and the classic components of the power, the instruments of cooperation, of the radiation and of influence of the relation Europe – Africa.
To promote the foreign policy and the common strategic interests of Europe and Africa in the World.

You can find here a summarized information concerning our organization the HCCP: Handy Concept For Connecting People A Global Think Tank in this Press Kit :