HCCP-Global Think Tank Inauguration & Gratitude Series 2022- Royal Château Sainte-Anne (Belgium) 16 June 2022
Simon P. Alain Handy Founder of HCCP

Robert Hertzog: Associate of Public Law and Political Science, Honorary President of the French Society of Public Finances (SFFP) at the Inaugural Conference on June 16, 2022 during the launch of the Handy Concept for Connecting People activities


Who we are

HCCP : Handy Concept For Connecting People A Global Think Tank

The HCCP-Global Think Tank is the first intellectual Haute couture & brainpower fashion design house worldwide.
The first Think Tank in the world in which the ambition is to put Africa back on the map as a top priority for policymakers worldwide, international financial institutions, and global intergovernmental organizations and navigate the interconnected complexities of the emerging new world order while exchanging over global technical, scientific, cultural and industrial advances.


HCCP is a very young independent, global think tank. We work to help Africa to tie new relationships with all its partners. Through research, political, cultural, and sport exchanges, we create ideas to boost exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world.


What we do

“Jeudi de la Paix – Peace Thursdays” Forum our best tool

Our“Jeudi de la Paix – Peace Thursdays” is first and foremost a concept of living together in a context of widespread political and security fragility in Africa. It serves as a tool to vulgarize peace all around the world and to bring together the political, economic and cultural world to examine the best type of relationship possible between Africa and the rest of the world. 

How we do it   

We deliver researchs  on Racial Equity, Health Equity and Digital Equity. We are a free thinking, inclusive and trusted think tank with a global footprint.

Background: State of Play

A partnership between Africa and the rest of the new world”

From the Berlin Conference in 1885 as a fundamental marker. The glacis of bipolarity and the political split of the continent into an East-West bloc.
The March 2020 “Big Reset” of the EU-Africa partnership comes in a competitive geopolitical context where governments and businesses around the world are rushing to strengthen diplomatic, strategic and commercial ties with the Black continent.
Our Think Tank (the HCCP) considers that globalization, an ever-increasing immaterial component, remains the structuring process of the international strategic context. The so-called globalization has an impact on the influence of Europe in the world for the benefit of emerging powers whose appetites and ambitions are constantly growing. 

The historical proximity of Europe and Africa has been at the origin of a “natural” relationship of influence, however threatened by colonial and neo-colonial suffocation and ” scories ” of the past that give rise to movements of emancipation from paternalistic relationships.

The new EU-Africa partnership of March 9, 2020 with a humanistic DNA is a process of re-sealing, updating and joining that offers new opportunities for strengthening the age-old ties between the two blocs. The visits to the continent in 2021 by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan capped a year that also saw a rebooted edition of the Franco-African Summit, the eighth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, or FOCAC, and the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit.

Earlier this year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi followed FOCAC with a visit to East Africa, where he announced Beijing’s intention to ppoint a special envoy for the Horn of Africa. Japan, Russia, and the United States also announced plans for summits with the continent’s leaders to be held this year, although the dates are yet to be determined.

Our Strategy























Our Team

As a very young Think Tank we have paternships with structure as The Economist intelligence Unit, and different Experts in economics, trade and investment, international law, Defi (Decentralized finance)  who are collaborating with Simon Pascal Alain handy the founder of HCCP

Simon Pascal Alain Handy : Founder of the Think Tank Handy Concept Connecting People (HCCP)

Mr. Simon Pascal Alain Handy is a Senior Executive Fellow at the Havard Kennedy School of Government (HKS) (2011).Visiting Scholar York University Department of Politics (Toronto- Canada- 2019-2020). Visiting Fellow, European Union Institute for Security Studies. He was responsible for 23 years of political affairs at the United Nations and Focal Point in New York for the UN Security Council/OCHA. Co-author of “L’Autonomie Stratégique de l’Union Européenne”, Larcier, 2016, Brussels. He has a degree in political science, international relations and strategic studies (IRIS Paris 1998). Negotiator for the United Nations at the Inter-Ivorian Dialogue which led to the “Ouagadougou Political Agreement for the end of the armed conflict in Côte d’Ivoire. Co-author of the French Yearbook of International Relations (AFRI, 2008); he wrote a strategic studies dissertation under the direction of Jean-Christophe Rufin, best-selling author (Académie Goncourt) and member of the French Academy. He has held positions in prominent international organizations in New York, the Caribbean and in various offices in Europe and Africa as Special Political Advisor to Sahle-Work Zewde, current President of Ethiopia and other top UN officials in CAR and DRC. He is Founder of the Think Tank Handy Concept For Connecting People (HCCP) – The Global Think Tank  Making EU-Africa Relations better : One step at a time.


To launch the activities of the Think Tank in June 2022, a Peace Thursday conference will be held on June 16, 2022 in Brussels; with Guest speaker PAT THAKER of The Economist Intelligence Unit Speaker Bureau, Prof. Robert Hertzog, The Africa House-London, and Mr. Lawrence Joseph Hogan Jr. Governor of Maryland (to be confirmed).



Handy Concept for Connecting People (HCCP) Peace Thursday Forum in collaboration with The EIU Speaker Bureau



Will the EU successfully establish a new socio-economic parternship “on equal footing” with Africa in the coming years?