An Africa at Peace on the Rise; Inventing a new political Idea of Africa.

Our strategy has three core objectives : enhancing Africa security; bolstering Africa’s economic freedom & prosperity, and promoting democracy and human rights across the continent, which we strongly believe will, in turn, advance the first two goals.

Achieving these objectives requires sustained, long-term effort as follows:
a) Bolstering Intra-African interactions to develop joint solutions to daunting challenges;
b) Spur radical change and invent a new political Idea of Africa devoid of post-colonial undertones;
c) waging peace to lessen the impact of the plague of foreign intervention and the scourge of war;
d) Scaling up growth and economic prosperity and promoting enduring common security enshrined in stable governments institutions;
f) South Leadership and the African Renaissance;
g) Bridging the Gap between Sub-Saharan Africa & NorthAfrica/the Middle East, where centuries of enduring racism and racial disparities represent a significant hurdle to forging a common destiny based upon shared ideals.

Lastly, a friend of the strong as well as the weak, AFRICA’S engagement, therefore, with the world must be selective, focusing on the threats and opportunities most relevant to African interests and investing in those countries that value our relationship and applying our resources where we can make the most remarkable difference.