The HCCP is guided by an ongoing commitment to developing Africa-UAE partnership for the present and the future economic and political exchanges and expand these relations to a new horizon. The HCCP also supports beefing up development in various fields, including to assist Africa and the UAE to develop partnerships on all fronts based on shared history and values.

Dubai’s status as an emerging global hub between the Middle East and Europe on one hand , and Asia -Particularly South Asia, from where more than a third of the UAE’s residents reportedly come from- And Africa on the other.
Main issues warranting attention:
– Capitalize on geopolitical shifts at the global level to open a diplomatic , investment, trade ,
commerce and economic office for Central and West Africa in Cameroon housed by the
– Develop further engagement beyond traditional partners. Areas in which the UAE excels:

Responsible management of natural wealth and the extractive industry; Impact of tourism on the economy and foreign investment policy.

Additional areas of focus: Aviation and logistics; health; energy; education; space; sports; food security and technology.

The HCCP has developed the Terms of Reference for a Joint Taskforce to identify and leverage joint business opportunities for the UAE and economic growth for Africa.

Background: Our proposal is based on practical experience and multiple in-country visits and facilitation of the UAE representative visits to Africa.
In 2016, HCCP Director provided robust support to the UAE Chairmanship of the Kimberly process to address the fundamental shortcomings of the said mechanism by taking affirmative action in the form of the establishment of a Permanent KP Secretariat of the United Nations, funded, for the most part by the
wealthier members of the diamond industry. Much support for the detail of this proposal were garnered from within the UN – from Simon-Pascal Alain Handy, then Special Assistant-Political at the United Nations.

As the UAE KP Chair, entered the second half of his tenure, and to build on the successes of the first six months, support was provided to drafting of a UN General Assembly Resolution sponsored by the UAE (2017). We also planned a meeting with the UN SecretaryGeneral and the UAE KP Chair to discuss the industry situation overall, whilst outlining plan details of how the United Nations can play arguably the most important role in the history of the Kimberley Process. (See a copy of the UAE KP Chair Mid-Term report 2016)