Philosophy :

The Center is the place of reference par excellence for culture, knowledge and learning in all its forms. Located in Bruges, Belgium, and in the heart of Central Africa, in CAMEROON. It handles by a game of contrast the European architectural canons with a dominant Haussmannian while melting in the universe and the negro-african mythology. Platform of cultural, intellectual, artistic and architectural references from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

A unifying space, a place of civilizational and intellectual abundance where creativity will be at the center of everything. The lack of such spaces in Africa condemns artists and creators to a life of mediocrity that their talent does not deserve. From this project, we intend to invent a new future, a departure together with the cultures of the world.

Since the dawn of humanity, creativity and culture have represented the civilizational power of peoples and the cement of the collective imagination for a better life together. Culture can divide. Here it will be used essentially to gather and to put in music the fertile elements of what our humanity can produce. In the end, games of contrasts, a place of exchange and sharing; the pillars of a civilization represented by the arts, culture, a place of knowledge, learning.

Architectural Style

Externally, we favor the style of Baron Hausman because it is without a doubt the most emblematic of European architecture. For this, several beats in Paris and Montpellier can serve as examples.

Half-circle or incomplete rectangle that opens onto an inner courtyard with a sumptuous garden and a swimming pool. The interior will be ultramodern and will recall African culture through the enhancement of local materials.

All the effort will consist in giving an architectural expression to the local elements without forgetting the thermical comfort, the ecological and environmental considerations.

26 office spaces (residence at the top of the building)
Relais et château 26 rooms 23 suites (SPA- Beauty center (Fort Garry) Indoor pool- Fitness
Factory Gym (YMCA -Calgary- Home to runners of all walks of life and seat of the Handy Roundabout
Marathon- Adjacent to a sports store
=Penthouse (Private)
=Rooftop garden (event (Bar Central) overlooks the interior garden
A center for the promotion of photography
A contiguous space (link between the different parts)
A space for African Arts, Museum of Resistance (African Arts Harlem Museum) Handy Institute of Politics & Strategic Studies & Negotiation (In Memoriam Roger Fisher (Handy Institute of Politics
of Strategic Studies)