Canada’s standing in the world – a legacy squandered

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It is long gone the era during which Canada reigned supreme as a peacekeeping rules-based international order juggernaut. The embarrassing failure amid the Prime Minister frantic midnight calls to secure a UN Security Council seat on 18 June 2020 against Norway and Ireland may well have put the last nail on the coffin of the “Canada is back” vow made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when the Liberals won in 2015. The government debacle before the world body did not need to happen for the world needs an engaged Canada.  However, this is the direct consequence of the government of Canada careless disregard for Africa’s political value and lack of understanding of the inner workings of the UN General Assembly. This miscalculation was indeed oblivious of Africa as an ascendant and key UN voting bloc. The black continent has been kingmaker of sorts with its 54 voting countries for some time now in the secret ballot at the UN General Assembly’s 190-plus countries.